Have you always been known as Barons? 

We started our brand with Baron’s Fashions over the years and still do till  this very day as it is the name our returning customers remember us by. 

Where is Barons located? 

We are located on the main road of Sukhumvit, between Soi 5 & 7, directly opposite Kasikorn Bank and Landmark Hotel. We are just a minute walk away from Nana BTS station. For further details, please refer to the map on our ‘Contact Us’ page. 

How many branches do you have? 

There is only one Baron’s Fashions store worldwide. We used to have another branch on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 13 but have moved all our clientele to our one and only branch between Soi 5 & 7. The old branch is now our Mexican/American restaurant called Margarita Storm. We are still run under the same founders George & Mike. If you are unsure if you are at the right place, please ask for EK, Jolly, TJ, George or Mike. 

What are your Opening Hours? 

We are open between 10:00am and 7pm from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, we are closed but can open upon you contacting us in advance if you require a special appointment. If you have any queries, please feel free to call us at 02-2532657 during office hours. You can find our personal cell phone numbers on our ‘Contact Us’ page. You can also e-mail us at [email protected]. We will respond to you as promptly as possible. 

Is there parking space available? 

We do not have our own personal parking space available. Nevertheless, there are buildings that have parking space which we can advise you directly. Therefore, please inquire with us prior to your visit if you are traveling with your own car. We are conveniently located on the main road between Soi 5 & Soi 7 and a minute away from Nana BTS Skytrain station. We are more than happy to advise you with directions if you are unsure on how to travel to our store. 

Are you closed on Public Holidays? 

We are only closed during New Years on the 31st of December & 1st of January and during Thai New Years, Songkran Water Festival between April 13-15th of every year. We are open on every other day of the year excluding Sundays.

Why is Barons the right choice for a custom tailor? 

Baron’s Fashions, also known as Barons, have been established for over 54 years and have had run the business by two brothers with our own in-house tailors. With our own tailors, we have a stable and high-quality control for our workmanship. We believe in offering all our customers with a professional but family like service. With this vision, we are focused on addressing high attention detail as requested by our customers. 

Why should I buy with a custom tailor and not readymade clothing? 
Regular clothing stores only sell standard sizes with no flexibility in sizes or style which may not fit you very well or to your desired fit. Buying from retail stores is essentially buying off the rack which are unlikely to fulfill your product requirements, nor does it fit you well. At Barons, we have been in business for over half a century and are determined in providing the fitted garment that best suits all our client’s individual requirements. We can produce tailored shirts, pants, suits, tuxedos, coats, dresses for ladies amongst other garments in the exact style and quality fabric of your choice. There are many small details that give the garments the special bespoke edge which we provide. We keep all our clients’ records on file going back over 30 years as we ensure that we can not only duplicate garments on online orders or new orders but keep all the styles and favoured fabric range noted down to better understand our clients.
What premium details can a tailored suit offer that a retail suit does not offer?

The suit is made from scratch in every detail from your fabric of choice, style and body measurements. Moreover, he small additional details retail stores are unable to provide for suits which Barons can provide are the following.

- Special lining inside your jacket. Variety to choose from or even custom images available.

- Hand-embroidered initials in your full name or phrases as desired in cursive or block letters in font colour of your choice.

- Extra inside pockets inside the jacket.

- Fine selection of special buttons to match your desired style.

- Lapels with pick stitching done by hand.

- Satin highlights for tuxedos can be highlighted on selected parts of your choice.

- Custom pocket squares can be made on request to match your jacket.

What premium details can a tailored shirt offer that a retail shirt does not offer?

Shirts are made from scratch in every detail from your fabric of choice, style, and body measurements. Moreover, the small additional details retail stores are unable to provide for shirts which Barons can provide are the following.

-Double collars with contrasting fabrics.

-Monograms in cursive or block letter in font colour of your choice on either your cuff, pocket, middle of shirt or collar.

- Pick stitching done by hand can be done additionally on collars, placket, and cuffs.

- Style is completely custom with choices of plackets, back of shirt with pleats, various collar styles, numerous types of pocket and types of bottoms of shirts.

- Variety of buttons to choose from and able to customise button thread, and buttonhole colour.

- Collar, cuff, and placket can have a special lining in suede Ribbon. Examples can be seen in our ‘Trendy Shirts’ section.

- Over several hundreds of patterns to choose from in different fabric quality ranges.

- Pocket squares can be made from shirt fabrics to match your outfit or style.

Do you share customer information with other clients or companies?
At Barons, customer information is private and will always remain that way. We do not disclose any information regarding our clients whatsoever to any third party. Customer information are securely protected in our records and database which can only be accessed by the management/owners. All personal information are confidential as we respect our client's privacy.
Do you offer any special discounts? 
We do have some deals on our website as well as other reasonable pricing offers when visiting our store. Most importantly, we treat all our customers with utmost respect and ensure to provide reasonable pricing that aligns with the products they receive from us. Please beware of Tuk Tuk or taxi drivers which mislead for special promotions. We do not work with any of these people. If you would like a price quotation before ordering, can visit our store or email us directly.
Can I schedule an appointment at my office or home?
Most definitely. If you have a group of people or looking to make multiple garments, we can arrange a visit to your location. We have done this in Bangkok and international trips for our clients who were looking to make tailored suits and other garments. Nevertheless, please inquire with us directly in regards to this matter as we have to confirm upon knowing your group size or product needs as well as availability in dates.

Ordering Process

What is the cost of a tailored suit?
We have a wide selection of fabrics available in different price ranges starting from 6,800 Baht per suit in wool blends and upwards for branded fabrics. Prices vary depending on your selected fabric and customisation details such as special buttons, special lining, embroidery etc.
What is the cost of a tailored shirt?
We have a wide selection of fabric qualities available in different price ranges starting from 1,100 Baht per shirt in high quality Cotton blend which is known as our Easy-iron range. It is easy to iron and durable with 75% cotton and 25% microlite We also have single ply, pure Egyptian Cotton at 1,400 Baht and pure 2 ply Italian Cotton at 1,800 Baht which is our top quality and most popular range. We also have a unique selection of patterned fabrics in Wiscose-polycotton blend. Prices vary depending on your selected fabric and customisation details such as special branded buttons, double collars, contrasting fabrics trimmings, embroidery etc.
What types of fabrics do you offer?