During the settlement of American Bases in Khorat (Nakhorn Ratchasima) in 1975. Baron's Fashions commenced it's business with the United State Air force as our first main group of customers. Just Before the commencement of Thailand's tourist boom in 1977, Baron's Fashion established its showroom in Bangkok and within the span of 6 years came up to the position of being one of the best Ladies & Gentlemen custom tailor in Thailand.

During this period we have established a world-wide reputation for custom tailoring services. To date, we have more than 300,000 customers' worldwide. We have maintained high quality standards by offering genuine quality fabric and workmanship at competitive prices for all our customers worldwide.

Baron’s Fashions is a men and women’s custom tailor and have been offering personalized service and quality workmanship since 1968. George & Mike the founders of the business believe in building lifetime long relationships with customers by providing high attention to detail to the clothing produced. We believe these relationships last as we offer a friendly and family like service. We aim to deliver perfect measurements based on desired fit, high quality fabrics and stitching to ensure customers are confident and satisfied with their experience and purchase. As it is a family run business, this belief is passed down to their sons, EK & Jolly who are currently working alongside their fathers.

Barons has been in the same location for over 36 years but have recently renovated the store to keep up to date with the modern era. As two generations work alongside one another, Barons still retain their classic element by retaining key tailoring traditions from the founders but have a perfect balance with the modern designs and creativity that EK & Jolly bring to the table.

As we have a spacious store, we can showcase over thousands of different fabrics selection for clients to choose from that best meets your product requirements and look you are going for. With our large team of our very own in-house tailors, we can produce to the high standard benchmark we believe customers deserve consistently. We tailor shirts, pants, suits, coats, vests for men and women. We also tailor custom dresses for women.